Brentwood General Plan Update

Over the next two years, the draft General Plan will be prepared. As the draft General Plan and related documents are published, they will be posted to this page.

Adopted General Plan - The City Council adopted the General Plan on July 22, 2014.

Public Review Draft General Plan - The Public Review Draft General Plan is being circulated with the Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft EIR) for public review.  Comments will be received on the Public Review Draft General Plan and Draft EIR through May 23, 2014 as described in the Notice of Availability.

City Council Review Draft General Plan - The City Council Review Draft General Plan represents the culmination of the Working Group effort.  The City Council will review the draft General Plan in February 2014. 

Background Documents

Existing Conditions Report - This report establishes the existing conditions at the time of the General Plan Update.  This report is used as a reference document throughout the process and will also be used to identify the existing baseline settings for the topics that will be addressed in the Environmental Impact Report.

Opportunities and Constraints Report - This report identifies key issues and opportunities to be addressed in the General Plan and summarizes input provided by participants of the visioning workshops.

Land Use Alternatives Report - The Land Use Alternatives Report provides the City with a resource tool to examine different possible approaches to accommodate future development, economic growth, maintain fiscal sustainability, and ensure adequate protection of resources and open space. 

Existing General Plan Land Use Map Alternative
Alternative 1- Economic Development Option
Alternative 2- Balanced Growth Option

Fiscal Impact Analysis
The fiscal impact model is used to estimate the net impact to the Brentwood General Plan Update from buildout of the existing General Plan and buildout of each of two General Plan land use alternatives under consideration, known as Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. Each of these three alternatives would allow for development of varying amounts and mixtures of new residential and non-residential land uses within the existing Brentwood City limits, and also to a certain extent on territory within a Planning Area surrounding the City, where land would be annexed to the City prior to development. 

Fiscal impact analysis is a tool to project the long-range cost and revenue implications of new development that would be permitted under a given alternative, so that the City can understand the implications of a given land use program for the City’s long-term fiscal health.

Land Use Change Requests - As part of the General Plan Update, property owners were provided an opportunity to request changes to the land use designations for their properties.

All of the "Land Use Change Request Applications" received by the City are provided here

This "Parcel Change Request Map" shows the location of each parcel subject to a change request, the existing land use designation for each parcel, and the requested land use designation for each parcel.

View Aerials of the Land Use Change Request.